We celebrate our 13 lucky years together with you

We celebrate our 13 lucky years together with you

On the 8th of March, we celebrated 13 years of activity on the DC / POS (Data Capture / Point of Sale) market. As we have become leaders in providing complete equipment and business solutions, we want to mark this special day along side you, our customers, as we couldn’t’ve managed this performance without you.

During these years we have constantly invested in innovation and in the development of complete solutions to help us fulfill the mission we stated at the beginning of this journey: to support any customer in optimizing their business.

Today is a special day for us and a lucky one for you: marking 13 years of activity, we offer a 13% discount on Zinta consumables, which you can use until May 31, 2020. See here the terms of our campaign.

Among the projects developed over the years and that make us proud, we note:

  • Warehouse Management System solution for efficient warehouse management. It is an ideal system for automating the flow of supplies / products, from reception to storage, collection all the way to delivery;
  • Foork solution, ideal for companies that want to simplify and streamline the process of ordering menus on lunch breaks for employees. The Foork system, consisting of hardware and software, helps companies cut down on catering costs and also reduce the time employees spend on lunch breaks;
  • the EventsClip solution for efficient event management all in a single application; EventsClip is simple and easy to use for maximum efficiency before and during events – sell electronic tickets, register participants, input and collect important data, scan tickets on entry;
  • launching the mobile application, the only application for B2B retail, available for free on Google Play and App Store, that helps users whenever they wish to order the necessary products, quickly and easily;
  • expanding Romanian expertise across borders, entering the markets in Hungary (2018) and in Bulgaria (2019).

In the future, we intend to invest in new software solutions that simplify the activity and increase efficiency for each company whilst keeping the same number of employees.

Thank you for standing by us!

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