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for digitalizing public institutions.

Eliminate queues and congestion, cut down on filing and gain a speedy process of identifying and accessing data

Solutions for Person Traceability

Identify and locate people with the help of identification bracelets.
Eliminate possible human errors with the help of barcode identification or color-coded ID wristbands.
Create more flexibility for educators and students in education and after school centers by ensuring traceability through identification bracelets.

Solutions for Document Traceability and Management

Ensure document traceability by using QR codes or barcodes.
Maintain document traceability and online management for each document issued.
Automatically identify data on invoices or other standard documents (OCRs) to shorten working time.
Eliminate human errors and improve document indexing, filing and archiving times.

Fixed Assets Inventory Solutions

Centralize all assets in a single application and keep a detailed history of each asset.
Eliminate errors and loss of public goods with an electronic management system that ensures unique product identification.
Make decisions based on real-time updated data, storing it in the Cloud and accessing it at any time.
Provide easier access rights for employees, in order to coordinate and update systems.

Begin the process of digitalization

Digital Signage

Communicate efficiently with the help of digital signage solutions: EloTouch touchscreens and the EloView application.
Upload, manage and display various content on screens located in different places or cities.
Reduce waiting time by displaying and updating information in real-time, coordinated directly from your laptop.
Reduce the number of human resources and guide taxpayers through digital signage solutions to the counters of interest.

Queue Management Solutions

Use queue management solutions such as ticketing systems in order to direct people inside and through the institution.
Display real-time information on all digital screens throughout the institution and update it remotely.
Complete the registration process with kiosk type vouchers or ticket systems and printers.
Avoid congestion and queues and improve the quality of services provided.

Access Control Solutions

Limit public access outside of the designated areas within public institutions through access cards.
Ensures the security of the institution and implement access levels according to legislation or hierarchy.
Combine access cards with loyalty or membership cards to provide taxpayers with a complete digital experience in libraries, schools, or other public institutions.

Frequently asked questions about public institution solutions

Specialized consulting
We work with you to go through the digitalization process as easily as possible. We help you decide on the solutions you need, taking into account the industry and your plans for growth.
Optimization plan
We use our know-how and extensive practical experience to find the optimal system for you. We assemble the hardware & software solutions and choose manufacturers based on your budget.

You have an account manager specialized in your business vertical and also knows your account history, the solution being used and you will be in direct contact in order to deal with any issue that might arise.
Qualified specialists
You will interact with certified consultants with extensive experience in developing AIDC & POS solutions, well-known in the field for their proactivity and level of expertise.

We are right there with you by phone and online 24/7 and we travel wherever and whenever you need technical support to integrate the proposed solutions.
You receive professional support with installing the equipment, anywhere in the country, to ensure that you fully understand the proposed solutions and help make your daily activity as easy as possible.
You can always opt for a technical support subscription through which you will always have a specialist ready to intervene for maintenance sessions, customizations, tests, resets or complex trainings.
Authorized repair service
You get a diagnosis and a quick solution to any problem that pops up. You have access to strategic partnerships with the main manufacturers in the industry (Zebra, Citizen, Honeywell, Datalogic) and you can benefit from special contracts to extend the warranty.

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