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for medical institutions and pharmacies.

Prevent human error with automation technologies and scanning systems that assist medical staff in any decision

Scanare bratara pacient cu terminal mobil

Patient Identification and Tracking Solutions

Avoid medical errors with identification bracelets that help assure you of the correct location of patients at all times.
Discard manually filled in paperwork and documents by using identification bracelets and scanning solutions.
Ensure that doctors and nurses have access to the patient’s medical history and treatment plan at all times.
Make sure the right treatment is being administered according to the doctor’s instructions, by scanning the barcodes printed on each patient’s wristband.

Eprubete laborator analize

Solutions for Analysis Laboratories

Track medical samples from collection to delivery in analysis laboratories, by using special labels that are resistant to  transfer, disinfectant solutions and very low temperatures.
Assign each sample to the respective patient and scan the label quickly, upon each transfer, to increase result security and maintain the rigor and high standards of the processing flows.
Control the risk of sample contamination with long range scanners that capture information remotely.

Scanare reteta digitala farmacie

Solutions for Electric Networks

Give up paper on prescriptions and switch to electronic prescriptions that ensure the correct processing of data and guarantee confidentiality.
Scan electronic prescriptions and easily check information about subsidized medicine in the system.
Use digital scanners, designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry that reduce human errors.
Integrate all eHealth solutions into your global system and increase customer satisfaction.

Points of Sale in Pharmacies

Turn your point of sale into a fully digitalized system that significantly lowers the rate of human errors.
Scan electronic recipes much faster and identify them online in just a few moments.
Send the prescription information to the management software and instantly identify the shelf location for the specific medicine.
Use integrated eHealth applications working in Romania to process customer data automatically, thus achieving a low waiting time.

Selfcheck in spital

Self Check-in & Self Check-out

Reduce waiting times and avoid crowding in the hospital hallways by offering patients self-check-in and self-check-out solutions.
Check in, check out and schedule patients, completely digitally, to available doctors at that time.
Helps patients independently find any information on electronic display terminals with ease.
Avoid overlapping appointments by synchronizing information recorded in the self-check system with the doctors’ schedule.

Digital Signage

Communicate with each customer through our solutions: EloTouch touchscreens and the Elo View application.
Display promotions, campaigns and product information directly on electronic displays without wasting money on flyers or unsuccessful promotions.
Show customers interesting offers at the right time: when they are physically in your pharmacy.
Directly address any audience group, from young people to the elderly or people with disabilities by displaying information in graphic, audio or video format.

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Carucior medical spital

Mobile Medical Trolleys

Use mobile medical trolleys to easily move medical equipment according to patients’ treatment needs.
Adapt quickly and efficiently to special safety requirements in pandemic or high-stress situations using mobile medical carts that can be easily disinfected.
Adapt and integrate mobile medical carts with pre-existing software or patient databases to avoid errors in treatment administration.

Cititor carduri de sanatate

Health Card Reader

Instantly check whether a patient is insured or not with the help of a CNAS-certified health card reader, equipped with a keyboard and a screen.
Choose a smart health card reader with direct PC connection or a mobile device with an USB port.
Maintain authentication data confidentiality when interacting with patients by attaching a numeric keypad.
This solution is compatible with any operating system.

ESL farmacie

Electronic Labels

Digital labels display the price and real time updated information for medicines.
Free up pharmacists’ schedule from mundane logistical tasks such as removing or updating prices, allowing them to dedicate more time to customers, thus improving the shopping experience.
Create a paperless environment, much safer from infections and bacteria, consequently increasing the quality of sales services.

Card fidelizare farmacie

Solutions for Patient Loyalty

Reward loyal customers with loyalty cards by offering points, discounts or sales.
Quickly scan cards and automatically apply discounts at the Points of Sale.
Issue discount or loyalty cards on the spot.
Personalize them with the company logo and emphasise your brand’s visual identity.
Create an active community and be in constant contact with customers.

Scanare medicament farmacie

Fixed Assets Inventory Solutions

Eliminate errors and medical supplies loss with a complete asset management system.
Help medical staff quickly identify medical equipment, devices, or instruments at any time.
Ensure the accuracy and compliance with disinfection protocols by tracing each step of the procedure.
Take purchasing decisions based on real-time updated information from the asset management solution.

Stoc medicamente

Inventory Management Solutions

Monitor stocks and ensure their availability with stock management and stockroom management solutions.
Automate processes for more predictability.
Avoid using expired or unsafe supplies and increase service quality.
Stock management solutions help healthcare professionals easily identify and locate inventory for greater productivity.

Frequently asked questions about Healthcare &
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Specialized consulting
We work with you to go through the digitalization process as easily as possible. We help you decide on the solutions you need, taking into account the industry and your plans for growth.
Optimization plan
We use our know-how and extensive practical experience to find the optimal system for you. We assemble the hardware & software solutions and choose manufacturers based on your budget.

You have an account manager specialized in your business vertical and also knows your account history, the solution being used and you will be in direct contact in order to deal with any issue that might arise.
Qualified specialists
You will interact with certified consultants with extensive experience in developing AIDC & POS solutions, well-known in the field for their proactivity and level of expertise.

We are right there with you by phone and online 24/7 and we travel wherever and whenever you need technical support to integrate the proposed solutions.
You receive professional support with installing the equipment, anywhere in the country, to ensure that you fully understand the proposed solutions and help make your daily activity as easy as possible.
You can always opt for a technical support subscription through which you will always have a specialist ready to intervene for maintenance sessions, customizations, tests, resets or complex trainings.
Authorized repair service
You get a diagnosis and a quick solution to any problem that pops up. You have access to strategic partnerships with the main manufacturers in the industry (Zebra, Citizen, Honeywell, Datalogic) and you can benefit from special contracts to extend the warranty.

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