Transform the shopping experience

 with a retail solution tailored to your store

Process multiple orders and build up customer loyalty using a professional IT Genetics solution

POS retail

Point of Sale Solutions

You streamline your sales-revenue flow and control your business more efficiently.
Reduce waiting time in store and keep your customers happy and loyal.
Compress the solution to a few pieces of equipment or scale it to an entire chain of stores.
You can create your company’s unique equipment mix.

Self checkout magazin

Self Service Automation Solutions

Reduce the number of cashiers and lower costs for a more profitable business.
Automate the sales process and encourage card payments.
Reduce queues and checkout waiting times with simple self-service automation solutions.
Easily integrate self-service solutions with accounting software and enable a fast operational workflow.

You can do ad-hoc inventory: check the whole stock or just certain batches.
You get rid of pricing errors that can annoy even your best customers.
You increase worker efficiency by up to 70% with the latest inventory tools.
Choose fixed or mobile scanning equipment depending on your business needs.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Displays the correct price across the entire chain of stores, completely eliminating human error.
Coordinates real-time prices from the exchange with shelf prices.
Apply price discounts or signal special campaigns at any time.
Customize electronic labels with all the information you want.

Digital Signage retail

Interactive Digital Signage

Update communication with the help of our very own IT Genetics digital signage solution involving: touchscreens and the remote management application.
Display different promotions on different electronic screens depending on the area, purchasing power, amount of products being sold or other criteria that increases your sales.
Stand out from the competition by displaying information in a graphic, audio or video format and easily manage your content.

Scanare bilet eveniment

Events: Access Control and Ticket Sales

Manage events more easily: from ticket purchase, to billing, collection, ticket printing and access.
Use personalized digital tickets that you scan error-free, straight at the entry.
Make it easy for organizers to access both the event and backstage rooms with access cards.

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Angajat scaneaza cutii

Fixed Assets Inventory Solutions

Do inventory checks up to 3 times faster on all company assets.
Centralize all assets on a single application and keep detailed traceability for each.
Label all products for quick identification and location then add all the information you need directly to the field, reducing human errors.

Card fidelizare

Loyalty Solutions

Create a community around your brand, through loyalty and discount cards.
Customise them according to any marketing mechanism, so you can differentiate yourself from the competition.
Easily integrate them into your promotional campaigns, using the programs in your sales solution or those used throughout your store chain..

Monitor and manage stocks with maximum accuracy, ensuring their visibility at all times.
Streamline inventory processes for more stock predictability and early purchasing.
Help employees identify the exact location of products for an efficient sales process.
Have real time access to important statistics and data.

Rand de case magazin

Queue Management

Increase customer satisfaction by optimizing store traffic using automated queue management solutions.
Easily manage store traffic during rush hours, assign order numbers, display in real time which cashiers are free and reduce waiting times.
Relieve your staff of organizational questions and allow them to focus on customer service.
Make sure the customer experience is positive and that they stay loyal to your store.

Frequently asked questions about store management

Specialized consulting
We work with you to go through the digitalization process as easily as possible. We help you decide on the solutions you need, taking into account the industry and your plans for growth.
Optimization plan
We use our know-how and extensive practical experience to find the optimal system for you. We assemble the hardware & software solutions and choose manufacturers based on your budget.

You have an account manager specialized in your business vertical and also knows your account history, the solution being used and you will be in direct contact in order to deal with any issue that might arise.
Qualified specialists
You will interact with certified consultants with extensive experience in developing AIDC & POS solutions, well-known in the field for their proactivity and level of expertise.

We are right there with you by phone and online 24/7 and we travel wherever and whenever you need technical support to integrate the proposed solutions.
You receive professional support with installing the equipment, anywhere in the country, to ensure that you fully understand the proposed solutions and help make your daily activity as easy as possible.
You can always opt for a technical support subscription through which you will always have a specialist ready to intervene for maintenance sessions, customizations, tests, resets or complex trainings.
Authorized repair service
You get a diagnosis and a quick solution to any problem that pops up. You have access to strategic partnerships with the main manufacturers in the industry (Zebra, Citizen, Honeywell, Datalogic) and you can benefit from special contracts to extend the warranty.

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