IT Genetics brought to its portfolio the most futuristic barcode scanner: it is worn on the finger, can be used anywhere and considerably increases productivity

IT Genetics brought to its portfolio the most futuristic barcode scanner

The most innovative solution for barcode scanning is now available in Romania through IT Genetics and using our online store at The RS5100 ring scanner, launched by Zebra Technologies, was created to significantly improve efficiency and eliminate human errors in daily activities of warehouses, stores or distribution centers.

The RS5100 barcode scanner incorporates the most advanced technology in its category available on the world market. Modern, futuristic, but durable, the ring scanner comes with a number of advantages for businesses: it simplifies work, increases productivity by up to 15% and eliminates human error. In addition, due to the fact that it offers users permanent mobility, the ring scanner created by Zebra can be used anywhere, without interrupting the activity carried out at that time, such as moving products or preparing deliveries.

Other benefits provided by the Zebra RS5100 scanner

  • Withstands millions of uses even in harsh environments

It was created to withstand millions of uses (trigger pulls) and implicitly in the most demanding storage and production environments. It also withstands multiple falls on concrete from 1.8 meters high, and rolls from 0.5 meters high. The special housing allows use at temperatures spanning -20 degrees Celsius to + 50 degrees Celsius.

  • High barcode capture speed

PRZM Intelligent Imaging scanning technology allows users to scan 1D, 2D and QR barcodes at very high speed, regardless of their condition (damaged, scratched, stained, poorly printed). Workers can capture barcodes even on the move.

  • Ambidextrous use

Whether left-handed or right-handed, employees can instantly change the operating mode to suit their working manner.

  • One-touch pairing

The RS5100-SE4770 reader can be paired with a mobile terminal with a single touch. No additional barcode scanning or manual device configuration required, while accidental pairings with nearby equipment are eliminated.

  • No Wi-Fi interference

Bluetooth devices can interfere with other wireless devices, but not the RS5100-SE4770, allowing employees to scan and send data without worries.

  • Configurable scan line

With the RS5100 barcode ring scanner, you can program the scan line in various colors, so that you can coordinate the work flow of your employees by setting a color for each type of barcode scanned.

  • High performance battery

A fully charged battery allows users to scan at least 70,000 barcodes.

  • Efficient communication via Bluetooth

Bluetooth 4.0 equipment confirms that the RS5100-SE4770 offers the fastest and most energy efficient wireless communication mode available at the moment

  • Automatic scan mode

RS5100-SE4770 automatically scans using the integrated proximity sensor and accelerometer.

The ring barcode scanner is compatible with Zebra TC52 and Zebra WT6000 mobile terminals and is available for orders at a competitive price on

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