Sell ​​anytime and as much as you can

while keeping complete control over your online store.

Deliver orders correctly and on time, get full continuous visibility over stocks and have constant access to key
business information

Manage the entire logistics process from one place: from reception, storage, parcel fulfilment to handling returns.
You have full visibility on stock, eliminate errors in the picking process, and ensure and ensure precise and timely shipping.
Optimize your costs and processing times and secure the profitability of your online store.

Warehouse Management Solutions (WMS)

Make the online sales process fully automatic, from ordering to delivery, and give your customers the opportunity to buy at anytime, from anywhere, as much as they need.
Give up on manual, written inventory, with pen and paper, in order to avoid the differences between your online stock and the physical one, and ensure that you always display the actual stock for each product.
Organise stocks and optimise storage space intelligently using A.I. technology.

Click & Collect Solutions

Increase customer satisfaction and build long-term loyalty with a modern, flexible and affordable solution.
Offer clients the opportunity to place orders anytime and help them save time by picking up their products from their chosen location.
Simplify your operations, cut down on distribution and staff costs and reduce the rate of undelivered orders.

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Mobility Solutions in E-Commerce

Adapt your business to the digital age and make sure you stay competitive by integrating modern inventory features into your business ecosystem.
Make sure you always display the actual stock and eliminate pricing errors.
Inventorize without blocking your entire activity: check the entire stock or just a few batches at a time, quickly and efficiently, when you need it.

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Delivery Monitor Solutions

Streamline and ensure transparency throughout the entire delivery process.
Use a modern solution based on barcode scanning, RFID and GPS technology.
Process orders more efficiently, use less paper, increase the productivity of field workers and reduce human errors.

Frequently asked questions about e-commerce

Specialized consulting
We work with you to go through the digitalization process as easily as possible. We help you decide on the solutions you need, taking into account the industry and your plans for growth.
Optimization plan
We use our know-how and extensive practical experience to find the optimal system for you. We assemble the hardware & software solutions and choose manufacturers based on your budget.

You have an account manager specialized in your business vertical and also knows your account history, the solution being used and you will be in direct contact in order to deal with any issue that might arise.
Qualified specialists
You will interact with certified consultants with extensive experience in developing AIDC & POS solutions, well-known in the field for their proactivity and level of expertise.

We are right there with you by phone and online 24/7 and we travel wherever and whenever you need technical support to integrate the proposed solutions.
You receive professional support with installing the equipment, anywhere in the country, to ensure that you fully understand the proposed solutions and help make your daily activity as easy as possible.
You can always opt for a technical support subscription through which you will always have a specialist ready to intervene for maintenance sessions, customizations, tests, resets or complex trainings.
Authorized repair service
You get a diagnosis and a quick solution to any problem that pops up. You have access to strategic partnerships with the main manufacturers in the industry (Zebra, Citizen, Honeywell, Datalogic) and you can benefit from special contracts to extend the warranty.

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