Build customer loyalty and get positive reviews

constantly and naturally.

Increase the efficiency of your business with integrated hospitality solutions for bars, restaurants, hotels
and guesthouses

POS Solutions for Restaurants,
Cafes, Clubs

Automate location management with a dedicated Point of Sale. Access all data on bookings, orders, payments, employees and stocks directly from the point of sale.
Take orders digitally with the help of waiter tablets and send them instantly to the kitchen for a minimal waiting time.
See how profitable you are by accessing, from any device, the financial reports and analyzes from the POS terminal installed in the restaurant, cafe or club.

Mobility Solutions for Restaurants

Facilitate communication between the kitchen and the waiters using tablets and mobile terminals that communicate directly, reducing human error and increasing the speed of order taking.
Decrease waiting time and increase the number of positive reviews.
Increases employee retention by providing them with a modern, digital, highly efficient work environment.
Provide your customers with quality services and make sure you gain their trust in the long run.

POS Solutions for Hotels and Guesthouses

Use a POS solution and manage bookings, free rooms, restaurant meals or seating and other services from one place.
Check-in guests or provide easier access to extra services with self-check-in and self-check-out solutions.
Easily control stocks, suppliers and purchases from the hotel POS or the guesthouse POS.
Manage the hotel from anywhere by accessing information and data online, on your mobile phone or tablet.
Do away with paperwork and feedback forms by integrating the review module that will automatically ask for guest feedback.

Restaurant Management Solutions and Home Deliveries

Manage online orders from the restaurant management software that also covers home deliveries.
Ensure proper order recording through food delivery applications, thus increasing sales as well as customer satisfaction.
Print online orders on adhesive labels directly from the kitchen and make sure you comply with government regulations on labelling food delivered via food delivery platforms.
Integrate the solution with any food delivery application to reach as many market segments possible.

Begin the process of digitalization

Digital Signage retail

Digital Signage

Use a modern way of communication with each customer through our digital signage solutions: EloTouch touchscreens and the EloView application.
Use electronic displays to showcase promotions, campaigns and information, without wasting money on unsuccessful leaflets.
Show customers the latest offers when they are present in the restaurant, café, bar, hotel or guesthouse and promote activities or special offers.

Customer Loyalty Solutions

Use loyalty cards to convince more customers to walk through your door.
Integrate these solutions with the sales solution programs or systems used by the entire hotel, restaurant or bar chain.
Easily issue and customize discount cards, points cards, loyalty cards, all directly from your own office.

Office Catering and Cafeteria Management Solutions

Manage cafeterias and catering services easily in order to provide employees with a quality experience during their lunch break.
Implement a pre-order system by placing touchscreen terminals through which employees or customers can choose their menu for the next day.
Register orders easily by using your username and password, employee card, or RFID bracelet.

Frequently asked questions about hospitality solutions
and equipment

Specialized consulting
We work with you to go through the digitalization process as easily as possible. We help you decide on the solutions you need, taking into account the industry and your plans for growth.
Optimization plan
We use our know-how and extensive practical experience to find the optimal system for you. We assemble the hardware & software solutions and choose manufacturers based on your budget.

You have an account manager specialized in your business vertical and also knows your account history, the solution being used and you will be in direct contact in order to deal with any issue that might arise.
Qualified specialists
You will interact with certified consultants with extensive experience in developing AIDC & POS solutions, well-known in the field for their proactivity and level of expertise.

We are right there with you by phone and online 24/7 and we travel wherever and whenever you need technical support to integrate the proposed solutions.
You receive professional support with installing the equipment, anywhere in the country, to ensure that you fully understand the proposed solutions and help make your daily activity as easy as possible.
You can always opt for a technical support subscription through which you will always have a specialist ready to intervene for maintenance sessions, customizations, tests, resets or complex trainings.
Authorized repair service
You get a diagnosis and a quick solution to any problem that pops up. You have access to strategic partnerships with the main manufacturers in the industry (Zebra, Citizen, Honeywell, Datalogic) and you can benefit from special contracts to extend the warranty.

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