IT Genetics celebrates 12th anniversary: Thank you for inspiring us every day!

IT Genetics celebrates 12th anniversary: Thank you for inspiring us every day!

IT Genetics celebrates today, 8th of March, 12 years of activity on data collection and point of sale (DC-POS) market. Thank you for your trust and for inspiring us to evolve! We faced many challenges along the way that pushed us to continuously invest in innovation and in developing and implementing solutions for hundreds of companies in order to successfully complete our mission to help our customers optimize their business.

We are happy to support you with all the information you need, and we are glad to see that IT Genetics is your first choice in selecting the best products and business solutions. The confidence you show us every day is reflected in our results: EUR 5.8 million Euro turnover last year, over 10,000 satisfied customers, over 35,000 orders and countless positive reviews.

Moreover, 12 years of successful collaboration with our customers have inspired us to export Romanian quality, potential and know-how and to promote it abroad. Thus, in September 2018, we expanded our business beyond national borders by launching IT Genetics Hungary and platform.

Meanwhile, we invested in new solutions that can optimize any business:

  •, the only mobile app for B2B retail market, available for free on Google Play Store and Apple Store, helps you order fast and easy the products you want.
  • Foork is the ideal solution for companies that need a simple and efficient process of ordering lunch menus by their employees. The Foork system, comprising hardware and software, helps businesses reduce food delivery costs and the time spent by employees on their lunch breaks.
  • Warehouse Management System, a solution that provides efficient warehouse management. It is an ideal system for automating the flow of supply, reception, storage, pick-up and delivery of products.

Also, we organized the 6th edition of the largest Black Friday B2B campaign, where we offered up to 60% discount for IT equipment and solutions for business growth in HoReCa, transport & logistics, pharma, banking, distribution, education, utilities and energy industries.

Last but not least, IT Genetics team has grown each year reaching 58 specialists ready to respond promptly to our clients’ demands.

Our development plans do no stop here: we plan to continue investing in software solutions that simplify activity and increase efficiency in every company.

Thank you!

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