IT Genetics sells exclusively thermal paper rolls without Bisphenol A, according to the EU standards

IT Genetics sells exclusively thermal paper rolls without Bisphenol A, according to the EU standards

IT Genetics, DC/POS (Data Capture/Point of Sale) market leader in Romania, has complied with European Union regulations regarding the selling of products that don’t contain Bisphenol A (BPA Free), providing only non-toxic thermal paper rolls.

According to the European Commission Regulation 2016/2235, starting from January 2nd, 2020, it’s prohibited to manufacture and sell products that contain Bisphenol A in quantity of more than 0.02%, due to the harmful effects on human health. That’s why IT Genetics began to replace thermal paper rolls with Bisphenol A with those that don’t contain this industrial chemical since September 2019, three months before deadline.

In addition, we have recommended our customers to introduce in time the new thermal paper rolls in day-to-day activity, not only because the price remained the same, but especially for the care of the health of employees and their clients, thus respecting the norms in force.

About Bisphenol A and the industries concerned

Scientifically, Bisphenol A is a chemical compound used to make polycarbonates. To put it simply, Bisphenol A is extremely harmful, being responsible for cancer, leukemia, asthma and other diseases. The French magazine „Science Magazine” debated the topic intensely, writing „Bisphenol A, more dangerous than it’s allowed”.

Depending on the type of production, there are thermal paper rolls for issuing receipts and labels rolls made from thermal paper, which can be glued on products. Also, thermal paper can be used to make tickets (access tickets, bus/train tickets) or bank receipts.

Thus, thermal paper is used in numerous fields of activity for issuing receipts for any product or service sold. Retail and hospitality industries, but also banking and services industries (for example, wellness centers) are affected by the new change imposed in the member states of the European Union.

The advantages of thermal paper, now without Bisphenol A

The greatest benefit of BPA Free thermal paper is the fact that everybody’s health is not affected anymore by this type of industrial chemical. So far, every time we have touched a receipt, we were exposed to the baneful effects of the toxic substance Bisphenol A. Now imagine how many times a day retail employees have touched many receipts.

Other great advantages are offered by the quality of the thermal paper we sell, such as:

– speed: the speed of a home printer is 60-300 mm / s without being affected by the paper width – possibility of printing any character or image
– quiet compared to the matrix printing
– low energy consumption
– low maintenance costs due to the printing technology and the longer life of thermal printers

We recommend the purchase of a larger quantity of thermal paper rolls to ensure the permanent stock, so as to increase the efficiency daily.

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