IT Genetics has become Datalogic Platinum Partner

IT Genetics has become Datalogic Platinum Partner

IT Genetics, the leader of the DC/POS market in Romania, has become Datalogic Platinum Partner, reaching a new level of partnership, the highest achieved by the greatest players on this market. With this partnership companies are rewarded for professionalism, higher expertise in AIDC and dedication to expending Datalogic product portfolio.

This new level of partnership, Datalogic Platinum Partner, achieved by IT Genetics, brings many advantages to its clients and their business such as: priority in buying the latest Datalogic products, special price range for equipment, available stock and fast delivery.

“With our special partnership with Datalogic we provide high level customer service for our clients interested in purchasing products and solutions.  Our clients’ main benefits are fast delivery, technical specialized service, and support in implementing vertical and complex solutions. “ Liviu Sima, IT Genetics managing partner said.

About Datalogic

Datalogic is the global leader in automated data capture and process automation market. The company has a huge expertise in design and production of barcode readers, mobile terminals, sensors for detection, measurement and safety, RFID systems, laser safety and marking. Datalogic solutions help companies increase the efficiency and quality of all activities in retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics and healthcare industries. The leading companies in the global industry chose Datalogic for high-quality services and innovative products in the last 45 years.

About IT Genetics

With over 11 years of experience on the Romanian AIDC & POS market, IT Genetics is a global equipment provider and integrated systems vendor designed to streamline business processes and optimize business activity and productivity. We offer a wide range of hardware and software solutions such as printing and labeling solutions, tracking and scanning, access identification and control, POS solutions and wireless infrastructure, available on our e-commerce platform IT Genetics mission is to provide customized solutions to meet the most diverse needs and demands in the field of sales points, automatic data identification and collection.

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