IT Genetics celebrates 15 years of activity through a commitment to sustainability

15 years aniversary

March 8, 2022 marks the 15th anniversary of IT Genetics, a company that aims to help entrepreneurs streamline their processes and grow using professional IT solutions.

Guided by entrepreneurship, professionalism and a constant desire for innovation, IT Genetics soon became one of the leading IT&C integrators in the DC / POS niche (automatic identification solutions, data collection and points of sale). Every year, the company has consolidated its market position through projects with a strong echo in the entrepreneurial landscape.

In 2009, two years after its establishment, the company launched the first e-commerce platform in Romania dedicated exclusively to companies. Thus, the process of purchasing the necessary equipment for optimization has been simplified, and entrepreneurs have gained quick access to a wide range of products from the largest global manufacturers. 10 years later, in 2019, the mobile application was launched, the first application for B2B e-commerce, available for free in Google Play and the App Store.

We are constantly looking for ways to support businesses to automate repetitive tasks, save time and be more profitable. Thus, we have brought to market innovative solutions that meet the requirements of effervescent industries:

  • Planograma, the WMS (Warehouse Management System) digital platform, which centralizes, streamlines and automates logistics, warehousing, courier, distribution and production activities.
  • Industrial automation solutions and collaborative robots, which, when precisely configured, reduce errors and variability, increase productivity and reduce environmental impact.
  • Foork, the first private canteen management application. Ideal for companies that want to simplify and streamline the process of ordering lunch for employees.

The need for efficiency and automated work processes is not specific only to Romanian companies, and the technical expertise of Romanian professionals has thus become internationally recognized. For this reason, IT GENETICS has inaugurated in 2018-2019, two international offices: in Hungary and Bulgaria. And in 2021, the company’s operations expand to Western Europe, in Madrid, Spain.

“We are celebrating 15 years since we founded IT Genetics, the company that gives a tangible shape to our belief that technology can transform the way companies optimize their operational efficiency and maximize profitability. Since its establishment, we have been constantly looking for solutions that anticipate and meet market demands, so that we can support companies in their process of digital transformation. 15 years have passed, in which we have highlighted the performance of Romanian professionals, taking their expertise across borders, 15 years in which we have actively supported entrepreneurs and 15 years in which we have been actively involved in the life of our community.

On the occasion of the anniversary, we want to take a step further and develop a practical action plan to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society, acting responsibly for the future of our environment and implicitly ours “ said Liviu Sima, co-founder of IT Genetics.

We optimize sustainably for a lasting future

This month, on the e-commerce platform, a wide range of eco-friendly products will be available, which meet at least one of the following sustainability criteria: they are made of sustainable materials, have low emissions, contribute to saving energy and other resources, use chemicals that do not affect the environment.

“Climate change is a major global concern and we are aware of the impact it has on business, society and the environment. Therefore, we believe that it is the responsibility of everyone, company or individual, to contribute to the preservation and creation of a better, safer and cleaner world.” stated Ștefan Axinte, IT Genetics representative.

Because we are always #WeAreStrongerTogether, we also invite our collaborators and partners to join us in this mission to protect the environment and to manage the available resources responsibly. They can do it easily, while also fulfilling their business objectives. By purchasing any product from the eco-friendly range in the period 7th of March and 15th of April, 2022 they will automatically become contributors to ensuring a sustainable future.

IT Genetics will donate EUR 5 for each order received on the e-commerce platform, which contains at least one of the products participating in the campaign, to support a large afforestation action in the Jibou-Cuceu area of Sălaj. It will take place in April 2022 and is organized by the TRH association* with the support of Jibou City Hall and Romsilva Romania. The role of this action is to improve air quality, reduce noise and increase the biodiversity of the area.

 TRH is a non-profit association that aims to protect the environment, develop projects that have real benefits on the environment and promote outdoor activities (hiking, mountaineering, skiing, etc.) especially among children and young people. The association has so far been involved in the restoration of mountain trails, the sanitation of the Vidraru Lake area and the organization of local sports competitions.

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