How have IT Genetics solutions contributed to the digitization of the processes of the Romanian Post Office and Timișoara Local Police?


There is much public talk about the need for the digital transformation of public institutions, and recently concrete steps have been taken to bridge the gap between private and state-owned companies. The establishment of the Digitalization Authority in 2020 is proof that there is a national strategy to make this a reality.

IT Genetics is one of the promoters of digitalization in Romania, contributing so far to the automation of processes for over 30,000 customers. The experience gained in the private sector is translated into solutions that can efficiently meet the needs of the public sector, ensuring transparency and efficiency of services offered to taxpayers. Among the solutions offered by the company are people and document tracking solutions, queue management solutions, digital signage and ticketing solutions, asset inventory solutions, and access control solutions.

Since the beginning of this year, two public institutions have chosen IT Genetics as a partner to support them in process innovation using modern technologies. One of them is the Timișoara Local Police and the second is the Romanian Post Office.

Timișoara Local Police

Initial situation: local police officers who notice that a vehicle has parked or stopped illegally, stick a paper sheet on the windscreen inviting the owner of the car to the police station to draw up a report of the offense. The paper sheet was large, the information was filled in by hand, often illegible, leading to confusion, errors, and complaints to the institution.

Solution: The solution to this challenge was achieved by implementing a solution that includes: a custom application where information can be edited, mobile phones, portable printers, and related supplies. Thus, vehicle identification data is filled in digitally and printed instantly on a receipt, which lasts for a long time. IT Genetics supplied the 84 EPSON TM-P80 portable thermal printers and the rolls of paper needed for printing.

Results: The cost of printing notices has been reduced by 95% thanks to the implementation of this solution. In addition, errors caused by illegible handwriting have been reduced and the efficiency of teams has been increased by reducing the time spent on each notice.

Romanian Post Office

Initial situation: The registration and management of parcels in the International Trade Office were traditionally done manually on paper. This way of working had a negative impact on the efficiency of the logistics team and also affected the correctness of the processes. The International Exchange Office of the Romanian National Post Office is the working point where international mails and parcels sent by sea to China and Australia and arriving from Singapore and Israel are processed and is one of the strategic working points of the company.

Solution: The challenges faced by the International Trade Office were solved by equipping the logistics team with 100 Datalogic Handscanners that were connected to the internal ERP. All data that was previously filled in manually on paper is now automatically recorded with a simple scan of the barcode attached to each parcel.

Results: The benefits were visible as soon as the solution was implemented. More parcels were processed every day, increasing the productivity of the logistics team by more than 30%. Registration errors were completely eliminated and, due to the increased convenience provided by this equipment, team satisfaction improved considerably leading to increased employee retention rates within the company.

“The degree of digitalization of public institutions affects each of us directly, whether we are talking about companies or individuals. Therefore it is important to facilitate the transfer of know-how and experience from the private to the public sector and to join forces to achieve the digitalized Romania we want to live and develop in.”, said Adriana Arhire, CEO IT Genetics.

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