Barcode and RFID Technology: Complementary partners in inventory management

Barcodes and RFID technology are two essential tools in efficient inventory management. It is important to view these technologies as complementary partners and to use them appropriately to optimize the inventory management process. These two technologies not only streamline logistics and storage operations but also pave the way for innovations in various fields, such as […]

Successful practices in pharmacies: Collecting customer feedback

In the healthcare industry, customer feedback has become a priority for pharmacies, significantly impacting service improvement and customer satisfaction. By understanding the needs, expectations, and concerns of customers, pharmacies can provide personalized services and build lasting relationships. With an initial expansion strategy focused on integrating independent pharmacies into their network, pharmacy chains can experience significant […]

Bar Codes: A Quiet Revolution in the AIDC and POS World

In the world of modern technology, barcodes have become ubiquitous, facilitating a wide range of operations in retail, logistics, healthcare, and many other industries. On October 7th, we celebrate the day the world’s first barcode was patented, marking the beginning of a quiet revolution in AIDC (Automated Identification and Data Capture) and POS (Point of […]