Digital Transformation in Retail: Taste of Asia, ESL solution, 3 Years, and a Success Story

Implementing ESL solution

Taste of Asia, the renowned supplier of Asian products and ingredients with stores in Cluj, Timișoara, and Iași, recently implemented the electronic label solution from IT Genetics after approximately three years of consultations with our team of specialists.

Dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards and passionate about Asian cuisine, Taste of Asia has constantly sought ways to improve its customer experience. Adopting IT Genetics’ electronic label solution marked a strategic step in this direction.

The challenge

Discussions for this project began about three years ago when the client first expressed interest in our electronic label solution. Despite the initial enthusiasm, implementation was delayed due to a lack of necessary funds.

“We knew our partner greatly desired this solution, but like any other retail company, financial resources can fluctuate due to seasonality, trends, or other external factors. It’s important to stay close to our clients, understand their challenges, and offer flexible solutions tailored to their specific needs.”

Dana Vladutoiu, Key Account Manager

Continuous Consultations and Collaboration

For three years, our team maintained constant contact with the client. The close collaboration allowed us to find personalized solutions and ensure that once funds became available, implementation would proceed smoothly.

IT Genetics’ ESL Solution Reaches Cluj

After three years of collaboration and careful planning, IT Genetics’ electronic label solution was successfully implemented in the two Taste of Asia stores in Cluj. The same solution is set to be implemented in the Timișoara and Iași stores in the near future.

Benefits of the ESL Solution for the Client:

  • Real-time updates of product prices and information, reducing errors and saving time
  • Reduced operational costs by eliminating the need for paper labels
  • Improved customer experience, providing accurate and up-to-date information
  • Sustainability by reducing paper consumption and associated waste

The electronic labeling solution from IT Genetics allows the retailer to display updated prices, thus offering an improved shopping experience. We know that time is what we have the least of, so we at IT Genetics optimize it and strive to make technology accessible to clients according to their needs. By implementing the electronic labeling solution, Taste of Asia enjoys significant time savings as price and information updates can be made quickly and efficiently.

Opening a new store in retail can be a major challenge, involving many resources, time, and effort. In this context, IT Genetics’ electronic labeling solution was a real advantage. These modern labels simplify real-time price updates, reducing errors and saving precious time for staff. They also contribute to a modern and professional store image, enhancing the shopping experience for customers. Without IT Genetics’ electronic labeling solution, I wouldn’t have been able to open the second store in Cluj so quickly.”

Alin Mircea Varga, Managing Partner Taste of Asia

IT Genetics and Taste of Asia: A Success Partnership!

IT Genetics’ solutions are designed to optimize and automate work processes, and each solution developed by the company is customized according to the client’s specifics and absorption potential. By implementing the electronic labeling solution, Taste of Asia consolidates its position in a dynamic competitive landscape, offering customers a pleasant and efficient shopping experience.

As our partnership continues, we are committed to developing and implementing new technological solutions to support the growth and success of Taste of Asia. We are proud of the achievements obtained together and look confidently towards the future, ready to meet the challenges and opportunities in the retail industry.

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