Successful practices in pharmacies: Collecting customer feedback

Collecting feedback in pharmacies

In the healthcare industry, customer feedback has become a priority for pharmacies, significantly impacting service improvement and customer satisfaction. By understanding the needs, expectations, and concerns of customers, pharmacies can provide personalized services and build lasting relationships.

With an initial expansion strategy focused on integrating independent pharmacies into their network, pharmacy chains can experience significant growth in their customer base. However, once all these integrations are achieved, subsequent success depends on the ability to meet the diverse requirements of customers and attract them from specific demographics or local regions. It is important for the pharmacy to follow a development plan and adapt its strategy to gain a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving industry.

Customer feedback collection, an essential practice for success

3 successful methods of collecting feedback in pharmacies:

  • Collecting transaction-level feedback
  • Collecting feedback as part of daily operations
  • Collecting specific feedback (for each pharmacist)

Collecting transaction-level feedback


By implementing a loyalty program in the pharmacy, customer identification can be based on purchases or specific needs, facilitating the sending of surveys directly from the loyalty program to customers’ email addresses. Personalized surveys focus on specific transactional aspects, such as wait times, staff friendliness, or medication information. This targeted approach allows pharmacies to directly address specific customer needs and implement improvements where necessary.

Collecting feedback as part of daily operations


Integrating the idea that every customer experience is part of the daily routine of operations is essential. Managers can examine customer feedback daily, discussing it with the team to make informed decisions regarding the improvement of pharmaceutical services. Through feedback tools, a special framework is created where managers can directly engage with employees, facilitating the consideration of pharmacists’ perspectives to implement improvements and foster a collaborative environment throughout the team.

Collecting specific feedback (for each pharmacist)


Personalizing feedback for each pharmacist and addressing each situation individually is essential. Managers need to have a clear understanding of how each pharmacist interacts with customers, recognizing their efforts and identifying areas that need improvement. Using online tools for feedback collection allows easy association of customer feedback with the individual employee’s profile, providing a comprehensive picture of their performance and facilitating the identification of successful practices that can be integrated into the pharmacy chain.

Is feedback collection the key to success in pharmacies?

Collecting customer feedback is an essential aspect for pharmacies, with a significant impact on improving services, increasing customer satisfaction, and fostering long-term loyalty. Utilizing online tools to receive real-time feedback not only efficiently addresses specific needs but also aids in making informed decisions, playing a significant role in strengthening a pharmacy’s competitive position.
Specialists conclude that collecting and analyzing customer feedback is a crucial element for the success of pharmacies.

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