Electronic shelf labels:

Change prices for more than 15,000 products in just 15 minutes.

Stock movements, large currency fluctuations or marketing actions you want to implement to streamline your sales often require frequent changes to price tags. This consumes time and resources, is prone to mistakes and can put your business at risk. It only takes one time for the price on the shelf to differ from the price at the cash register for a customer to accuse the retailer of malpractice or even complain to the authorities.

Eliminate this risk, optimize your business and take the step towards a digitized business. Replace old paper labels with a modern and efficient solution: a complete electronic price display solution. It consists of: a hardware component (electronic labels, gateway, fasteners), a software component (price change management application) and implementation and installation services, plus specialized technical support.

IT Genetics is an authorized distributor of ZKONG, one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic labels.

Save time

Update thousands of labels in just minutes and free your employees from a time-consuming repetitive task. This way they can focus on more important work that has an immediate impact on your business.

Change all prices in real time

You can reduce losses by discounting stocks nearing their expiry date, or you can increase prices, maximizing your profit margin, when opportunities arise. An e-labelling solution allows you to make all these changes, in real time, with a single click.

Eliminate pricing errors

Changing prices becomes a fully automated process, where errors are reduced to 0. The electronic display system is linked to the company's internal ERP, so the prices displayed will always be the correct ones, correlating with those on the website.

Reduce costs

Printing labels is an ongoing cost, as product prices can change frequently or become damaged. In contrast, electronic labels are durable, with low energy consumption and a battery life of around 10 years.

Begin the process of digitalization

Give your business flexibility and act in real time using a complete electronic display solution

Pricing strategy is one of the most important components of a successful business. And a company that is agile and can adapt its pricing quickly is a company that will always be one step ahead of the competition.

The complete electronic labelling solution gives your company the flexibility to streamline your business and improve the quality of your service. Changing prices can be done in 3 ways:

Manual: from the application

Semi-automat: via cvs or middleware

Complet automat: via API

Save time

How long does it take to implement a Black Friday campaign in a retail chain? What about updating all prices at every currency change? Depending on the size of the store and the diversity of stocks, this can take several days.

A complete electronic label solution helps you update thousands of labels in minutes. Whether you have a single store or several dozen stores spread across the country.

This automation increases team productivity by up to 80% and allows employees to focus on the activities that make your business successful: increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Change all prices in real time

Black Friday, Easter or Christmas deals, happy hours, star products in stock – a complete electronic labelling solution allows you to instantly implement any promotion or marketing decision. Thanks to integration with your internal ERP, once you’ve implemented new prices, they’ll also be instantly displayed on the shelf, in a single store or across the entire chain.

Also, the label’s high-resolution display allows you to display personalized content that will help reinforce your customers’ engagement.

Data transmission is highly accurate because the entire solution is based on radio frequency. Data is initially transmitted to a gateway located in the store, which then communicates with the central server. This means there is no need for extra cables or other accessories to spoil the look of the store.

Eliminate pricing errors

Displaying prices correctly is the legal obligation of any trader. That’s why any error can jeopardize your brand’s reputation and earn you warnings or tickets from the authorities.

The safest alternative to eliminate pricing errors is to fully automate the whole process. Electronic shelf labels are linked to a central database and prices are displayed in real time, by product code. This avoids misspelled labels, price reversals between similar products or out-of-date prices.

Plus, you’re sure to always display the same price on the website and in the physical store. Electronic price labels also allow you to display a QR code, so once the customer sees and tests the product in the shop, with one scan they can go directly to the product page on the website and complete their purchase there.

Reduce costs

Paper labels generate a cost every time they are updated. The paper used, the printer and the toner required all add up to a cost that your company pays every time prices change.

In contrast, electronic price labels once installed last for years with minimal maintenance. They have an IP67 protection factor, making them impact, water and dust resistant. They can also be used in extreme working environments, operating in temperatures from -25 degrees to 40 degrees. And the integrated anti-theft system protects your investment for the long term.

Also, by reducing paper consumption, your business will be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Frequently asked questions about the electronic display solution

No. The solution is scalable, which means it can be implemented for just a few products where you change prices more frequently, for the whole store or for an entire chain of stores. The decision is yours.

There are two ways to install the application:

  1. You buy the license and you receive lifetime access

  2. On a subscription basis, paying a monthly fee

Depending on the model, the battery can last up to 10 years.

The information on the labels can be adapted according to the specific product or the existing promotion. For example, if you have certain products at happy hour, you can signpost this with the e-label so that the products are easy for customers to identify.

A power outage will not affect the operation of the labels because they are battery operated.

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