IT Genetics participates in the GoTech World fair with modern technology solution for business optimization

IT Genetics participates in the GoTech World fair with modern technology solution for business optimization

IT Genetics is also participating this year in the GoTech World fair, the largest exhibition of IT solutions for business in South East Europe. Visitors can test live at our booth (opposite VIP Lounge) the most modern technologies for automating activities in industries such as retail, HoReCa, transport & logistics, production and others. You are our special guest! Get the free invitation (here) and visit us at GoTech World fair!

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Technology, the friend of all. Five solutions where employees are helped to produce more, and businesses to grow their sales

When we want to organize ourselves better, when we want to finish our daily activities faster, when we want to keep our customers loyal by concrete results and over expectations, when we want to be more efficient and not to make mistakes, when we simply want more , technology is the answer. And that’s because technology is the friend most: of people, of companies and, especially, of the future, making our lives easier every day.

We all know how important the activity of a business is. The actual sale depends practically on this. And the more efficient it is made, the more positive the sales effect is. Here are five technologies and solutions customizable according to the needs of the companies, created and developed by IT Genetics for the automation of the work processes and the optimization of the businesses.

1. WMS solution – Warehouse Management System, presented at GoTech World

WMS is a complete solution for efficient merchandise management, fast inventory inventory, helping to identify products on location. Thanks to this solution, the productivity of the employees increases by 60%, the data transfer is done in real time, the goods are received and delivered quickly and promptly to the clients’ premises, and the human errors are eliminated completely.

The WMS solution consists of software application, IT&C and network equipment, label printers, mobile terminals and industrial scanners and rugged tablets, the necessary pillars for receiving goods and delivering orders promptly and quickly to customers’ premises.

2. EventsClip solution for efficient event management

For events that go clockwise , we have created the EventClip solution which consists of an application where participants can buy tickets that they can later present without the need to print them. Simple and efficient, the application for sale / purchase of tickets records in real time the receipts and the number of participants before and in time of the events, information about them and about guests / visitors, invoices and media gallery.

3. Digital Signage solution to convince customers to buy on the spot

Digital Signage is a promotional solution that involves the use of digital screens, on which the desired multimedia content will be displayed, and the existence of a software with which to manage the content to be displayed – text, audio and / or video.

Digital Signage is not only the most innovative method of advertising, it is also the most productive channel of promotion, bringing immediate results, as international studies show that 68% of buyers claim that advertising influences the buying decision on the spot.

The Digital Signage solution consists of a software component – the EloView cloud application and a hardware component – the Elo Touch touch screens.

4. The solution of electronic labels for prices and product highlights

The Electronic Shelf Label solution is an automated system for changing prices in a store or a network of stores, at any time, with a single click. IT Genetics offers a complete electronic price display solution, consisting of a hardware component (electronic tags), a software component (price management application, wireless transmission gateway) and electronic tagging accessories.

Prices are an essential part of the sales strategy of any retailer, and the way they are displayed has a direct impact on both the business itself and the efficiency of the company’s activity. Therefore, the electronic display of the prices at the shelf becomes the simplest and most accessible way of optimizing the business.

The transition from printed prices on paper to electronically displayed prices represents an investment and a business strategy with immediate effects: maximum efficiency in changing prices, reducing costs and improving the customer experience in your store.

5. POS (point of sale) solution for retail and HoReCa

For a point of sale, such as a store or restaurant, it is important to use a specially designed solution to optimize operations, through which the entire sale process is realized and supervised.

The retail POS solution consists of POS touchscreen systems, tactile monitors, tax appliances (cash registers or tax printers), cash drawers, card readers, electronic scales and is connected to bar code readers or high performance scanners.

Operating with the help of a back-office application, an application for the POS system and a front-office application for the mobile terminal, the solution allows operations of entering and exiting the goods, of transfer and of inventory and sale of the products, issuing tax certificates. Thus, operators and companies have permanent access to stocks and customer requests.

There is always a solution suitable for the needs of any business, which will ensure greater sales and profit. IT Genetics not only finds complete equipment and solutions, but also specialists who provide the consulting necessary to choose and implement the technology according to the needs and aspirations of your business.

About IT Genetics

IT Genetics, a company with 100% Romanian capital, is a leader in the DC / POS market, having over 12 years experience in optimizing processes and business activity. As a provider and integrator of complete and customizable business solutions for retail, HoReCa, transport and logistics, production, pharmacy, banking, education and other industries, from the foundation up to the present IT Genetics has an important role in informing and educating the market, helping companies to adopt and adapt the technology to the specific of the daily activity to improve the workflow.

Also, in the IT Genetics portfolio, there are over 10,000 hardware and consumables needed for companies in various industries.

For sales performance, IT Genetics enjoys high degrees of partnerships with internationally renowned manufacturers, Zebra, Honeywell, Brother, Star, Citizen, Datalogic and others. To maintain these partnerships and provide the right consulting to its loyal customers, IT Genetics is constantly investing in the modernization of the software solutions provided and in completing the portfolio with newly launched products designed to streamline business processes. Let us optimize you!
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