IT Genetics Managing Partner, among top 100 young managers in Romania

IT Genetics Managing Partner, among top 100 young managers in Romania

Liviu Sima, Managing Partner of IT Genetics, was included in Top 100 young managers in Romania, published in the 2014 edition of Business Magazin, an economic magazine. Along with other 99 young executives, Liviu Sima is part of the young top managers’ promotion of 2014.

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At 25, Liviu Sima leads IT Genetics, a business started 7 years ago, that reached a turnover of € 1.4 million. Liviu is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Bucharest University.

He started his IT career nine years ago, ever since high school, when he began working as a programmer in a small IT&C business. Until graduation, he developed a passion for entrepreneurship, so at the age of 18, after graduation, he and a friend set up IT Genetics.

The company started from scratch, as a small software developer and, thanks to its collaborations, it has become today one of the leading local providers of automated identification, data collection and sales points. With 12 employees and a turnover of  € 1.4 million in 2013, the company is growing for the seventh consecutive year, approximately 100 percent year-on-year, and targets a turnover of € 3 million for 2014.

Under the leadership of  Liviu Sima, the company has expanded its business gradually and has reached direct partnerships with major manufacturers such as Star Micronics, Zebra and Motorola. The biggest challenge in this entrepreneur’s career was to grow and become an important player on the local DC / POS market, where it competes with companies that are more than 15 years old.

“We want to be the best choice for our customers and partners anytime. For this we have to be dynamic, inventive and efficient, ” says Liviu Sima. “I want to grow this company to set an example and to convince young people they can do business in Romania starting from scratch.”

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