Digital Signage, customized cards and ID bracelets solutions are available for testing at Print&Sign fair

Digital Signage, customized cards and ID bracelets solutions are available for testing at Print&Sign fair

At this time, your potential customers are surrounded by compelling ads, attractive promotions and consistent discounts on products or services from which they will choose what is right for them. In order to make them buy from you and buy repeatedly from now on, it is essential to always be at least one step ahead of the competition by relying on an effective long-term strategy.

In this sense, IT Genetics presents, at the Print & Sign fair (Romexpo, October 9-12), complete solutions, easy and easy to use, to optimize sales:

  • Digital Signage promotion solution : includes Elo Touch touch monitors and EloView application for managing content (text, image, audio) from a single PC or laptop for display on one or more screens, wherever they may be

Digital Signage is the most useful, modern and efficient method of promoting a brand, a message, a product or a service. Studies show that touch screen advertising, with which customers can interact, is even more effective than ads on Facebook, through adwords or through banners on various sites, increasing sales by up to 30%.

  • Customer loyalty solution : includes Zebra ZC300 card printers, Zebra CardStudio 2.0 design software and PVC cards

It is much easier and cheaper to retain current customers (who will buy repeatedly) than to persuade other people to try a product or service that they are not used to. Offering personalized cards automatically bet on one of the most efficient ways by which customers become loyal to your brand.

  • Event management solution for people identification and identification : includes Zebra ZD510 bracelet printers, Zebra Designer design software and bracelet packages

With a print solution bracelets identification you have full control over access to events or amusement parks. In addition, by adding and scanning the bar code on the bracelets, you know in real time how many people and who came to the event and what their behavior is in this context. They are valuable information that helps you organize your future events more effectively. The bracelet solution is also extremely useful for identifying patients in hospitals.

There is always a solution suitable for the needs of any business. From October 9 to 12, we are waiting for you at the IT Genetics booth at Print & Sign to test all the equipment presented and to find out more information on how you can develop your business through efficient solutions.

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