Mobility solutions for field agents:

Promptness, efficiency, speed.

Field automation solutions for the utilities industry are based on mobile devices, tablets, PCs and printers that support the work of staff by improving communication, streamlining work processes and providing all essential information for fast and accurate decision making.

Dedicated field intervention equipment has been designed and tested to withstand the harshest working conditions, providing the same reliability for recording and transmitting data regardless of the nature of the intervention.

Increases productivity and reduces human error

Echipamentele de scanare și colectare de date permit echipelor din teren să înregistreze date relevante într-un mod eficient, eliminând riscul asociat introducerii manuale a informațiilor.

Reduces intervention and resolution time

Designated teams receive alerts and notifications directly from the network so they know when their intervention is needed in the field.

Streamlined maintenance

Field automation solutions provide control, visibility and security to ensure the smooth operation of fixed assets.

Simplified integration

Developers can integrate solutions through specially tailored APIs, customisable web apps and team-wide mobility toolkits.

Begin the process of digitalization

Field automation solutions: Efficiency and quick solutions.

Field automation solutions support utility companies’ mission to provide timely interventions in both efficiency and time. Response teams work on real-time data, receive relevant notifications of any incident or update on the status of a breakdown or the need to perform maintenance work on certain fixed assets.

Both mobile equipment and software add-ons generate easy-to-implement processes and support the focus on actual troubleshooting rather than manual recording of field data – this task is taken over and simplified by mobile devices that eliminate human error and create concrete and accurate data.

Increases productivity and reduces human error

Fixing a utility failure in a timely manner and the need to return to normal operation as quickly as possible are the two priorities of the intervention teams. That’s why they need information that directs them correctly and in real time to the source of the problem.

Field automation solutions support both points by creating an environment where data can be recorded with a simple scan with a tablet or mobile terminal. They have generous displays that make it easy to view information even in bright sunlight, and cameras that capture field images and documents that need to be sent instantly after certain work is done.

Deploying the solutions reduces the possibility of human error caused by manual field data entry and allows teams to focus on actions to resolve reported damage, becoming more productive and efficient.

Reduces intervention and resolution time

With alerts and notifications sent directly to the teams assigned to specific response areas, they discover a new dimension of synchronization from the office in the response vehicles to the site of the damage or facility requiring maintenance: the versatile platform for field activities sets a new standard with equipment that maintains a continuous flow of information that reduces time to response and resolution.

The most advanced NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS technologies provide constant connectivity, while high-resolution cameras instantly transmit incident findings, resolution, damage documentation, evidence and any other necessary information.

Streamlined maintenance

Fixed assets in the fleet enjoy longer optimal uptime if maintenance teams have precise control and full visibility of field data.

Field automation solutions provide just that by making it easier for recurring inspection teams to quickly pass field information to maintenance teams. With instant notifications, fast data transmission and the ability to attach supporting images, all parties involved in maintenance activities work in sync to avoid breakdowns and failures that can be caused by early remediable conditions.

Simplified integration

Interactions with equipment will not always be the same – that’s why the software that complements automation solutions adapts to new environmental specifications. Software that supports the work of response teams provides out-of-the-box integrated applications, functionality and tools that boost equipment performance from integration, to security and usability for easy administration and optimisation.

For the IT support department this software means simplified integration, self-paced automation of functions and differentiated access according to user profile specifications.

IT administrators benefit from easy-to-use access and control, efficient administration, elimination of complicated configuration and fewer vulnerabilities for the deployed system.

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