Fixed assets inventory solutions

Fast, efficient, error-free.

Utility companies need an accurate and accurate inventory of fixed assets – so response teams can limit the duration of interventions by taking immediate action to remedy faults, disruptions and breakdowns in a timely manner.

In order to enjoy consistently delivered utilities and the confidence of partners and customers, companies need to have a clear, real-time database showing the status of each fixed asset at all times. Manually and incorrectly entered details, damaged and unreadable labels, human errors caused by haste or carelessness, failure to report certain actions taken (repairs, maintenance, replacement of certain parts) – all can affect the integrity of this database and the efficiency of work teams.

Simplified management and inventory

Easily manage and inventory all of your company's fixed assets, centralizing them in one place along with a detailed history of them (installation, maintenance, remedied damage, etc.).

Eliminates human error

Eliminate human errors caused by incorrectly recorded data by implementing a unique product identification system using barcodes, RFID tags, serial numbers and relevant images.

Transparency and monitoring

The solution enables clear and durable labelling of each fixed asset leading to quick identification and updating with all necessary information.

Differentiated access

Provides access rights at different levels so that employees can coordinate and update the status of fixed assets according to actions taken.

Begin the process of digitalization

EVIDEI: speed, efficiency and precision in one place

Using a complex system of desktop terminals, mobile devices and powerful software, EVIDEI’s fixed asset inventory solution guarantees traceability, transparency, instant access to information and quick visualization for any fixed asset in your inventory.

The result is an environment where work teams can complete their tasks, quickly verify information, be assured they are working error-free by implementing scan/print technology, and eliminate downtime caused by misinformation.

Simplified management and inventory

A single database containing all the relevant information about every fixed asset in your fleet is instantly accessible and can be updated in real time via both desktop terminals and software solutions that turn a smartphone into a scanning device – this is the main benefit of asset inventory solutions: fast updating when either a repair or maintenance intervention takes place.

Management software allows teams to enter, edit and monitor information about an asset’s status/classification/location, history and changes that have occurred in the meantime. This monitoring can also involve accessories, suppliers and serial numbers (solutions can also include label printing functionality and customised reports) along with images, notes and attachments.

Eliminates human error

Based on data collected from real-life situations faced by work teams, the advanced solution for this purpose increases inventory speed by 2-3 times and eliminates unavoidable human errors that can lead to delays in fixing damage.

The main cause of these errors is the desire to speed up processes by skipping crucial steps. The inventory solution eliminates this incorrect way of working by streamlining processes and providing an easy and intuitive system to use from asset entry to maintenance and repair actions.

This encourages employees to work efficiently and record any changes made. This creates a clear audit trail that is protected from avoidable errors and ensures accurate information at all times.

Transparency and monitoring

The first step when an asset is placed in inventory is to tag it with either a barcode or an RFID tag.

Asset inventory solutions facilitate this process with equipment that prints tags resistant to transfer, handling and adverse environmental conditions. The result is labels that provide relevant information in a visible and easy-to-scan manner by both fixed and mobile equipment.

This clear and durable labeling associated with each fixed asset provides traceability, identification and quick location of each asset in the inventory, along with all the information needed for employees to act quickly and be able to instantly check the status of each asset to determine if maintenance action is needed or what action is required to repair a malfunction based on the history of that asset.

Differentiated access

Asset inventory solutions need to provide both full transparency and visibility, as well as security for the information entered. This is why EVIDEI’s asset inventory solution also offers a very useful functionality: differentiation of access rights. Each employee receives a unique username and password – these are what give them access to the centralised database on an individual account basis.

The individuals designated to monitor assets can thus enjoy full transparency and visibility, while employees in specific departments can have access only to that information needed to perform their work tasks.