Retail mobility solutions:

Enjoy the same speed and precision OFFLINE as you do ONLINE.

With the development of online stores, purchasing and consumption habits have transformed, and the main expectation of customers is that all transactions will be carried out QUICKLY and ACCURATELY. Delays, errors or lack of satisfactory responses of employees are hardly tolerated by customers, and the risk of losing them in favor of competitors who better respond to these requirements is extremely high.

Using retail mobility solutions, you can manage the entire store from one place, while also giving your team the opportunity to be permanently connected both to the central system and to the other team members. Thus, you can instantly check the existing stocks, print on the spot the labels you need, coordinate the teams in real time, and all customer requests and questions are solved in just a few moments.

Immediate response to customer requests

Even in a physical store, the customer does not have to wait a good few minutes until the employee goes to check or find out the requested information. Whatever the question, your team members will have the answers one click away and can focus more on what sets you apart: customer interaction.

Quick check and update of information

Using a smartphone-sized mobile terminal, you can instantly scan and verify all the essential information about your products. And you can correct them by printing the updated labels on the spot.

Easy communication & team coordination

With push to talk technology, your teams will work as a one, no matter how far apart. And coordinators can assign tasks and check deployments in real time.

Faster decision making

Information is power. This also applies to your teams who, with instant access to all relevant data, can make decisions quickly and independently.

Begin the process of digitalization

Bring your store into the Retail 4.0 era and increase the satisfaction of customers

Customers are impatient – they want complete information, either on a quick scan or through a conversation with your team. Mistakes and long waiting times for an answer can lead to the abandonment of your store in favor of the competition.

Implementing a retail mobility solution will allow you to gain full control and visibility over your entire business, while your teams will have much faster access to essential information and will be able to ensure that the in-store experience is up to standard.
Scanare produs casa

Immediate response to customer requests

Give your team the right technology so you can instantly access the information you want, without wasting time by physically checking stocks or looking for a colleague who has the information you need.

A solid foundation for access to information allows staff to focus on improving the quality of customer interaction. Freed from a cumbersome and error-prone system, your team members can invest more time in personalized conversations with each customer, and this results in satisfied and loyal customers and better sales figures.

Quick check and update of information

The growth of e-commerce has come with two major changes: on the one hand, there have been fewer visits to physical stores, but the overall value of the shopping cart is higher. To take advantage of these changes, retailers need to ensure that the experience in the physical store is error-free and this goal also includes aligning shelf prices with those posted on the site or in the online store and updating stock in real time.

Any wrong price on the shelf or any item that appears to be available but is actually out of stock can lead to a loss of confidence in your business and a customer who will never return.

By implementing mobility solutions for retail, your teams will be equipped with high-performance scanners, mobile terminals, connected to the database, and mobile printers to instantly generate updated labels and prices.

Easy communication & team coordination

Modern technology allows teams to communicate in real time, regardless of the distance between them. Thus, employees can quickly discuss one by one or in a group to solve any situation that arises. Coordinators can make group-level announcements and manage the entire activity in a unitary way, assigning tasks and tracking their status in real time.

Better communication means eliminating times when activity is blocked due to lack of information.

Faster decision making

In most cases, store teams depend on a coordinator who has access to information and with whom they validate each decision. But what happens when that person is on vacation or leaves the organization? Help your team to be as independent as possible and be able to make their own decisions, giving them quick access to the data they need. This way, you make sure that the activity can continue in the same quality conditions, regardless of the changes within the team.

The higher the employee accountability, the more efficiently customer requests can be resolved.

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