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Inventory management is a dynamic process involving regular and complex assessments of internal and external factors and total control from planning to evaluation. Inventory planners must constantly consider the production, purchasing and accounting departments.

Therefore, inventory is therefore considered the foundation of the production sector. It covers both end products and raw materials which are stored near production facilities, in order to quickly meet partner and customer demand. In the case of manufacturing companies, they also need an inventory of work in progress in order to monitor the evolution of raw material consumption.

Simplified management

Integrated solutions offer streamlined management for raw material, production and finished goods inventories.

Zero errors

Eliminate human error and easily centralize data with digital management solutions.

Real-time notifications

Users receive notifications for replenishment when stock approaches the minimum level or is depleted (depending on the threshold set).

Real-time information

Inventory management is displayed in real time on digital monitors, providing teams with relevant production and purchasing information.

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Raw material, production, finished product stock
management solutions

Efficient stock management is the solid foundation of any manufacturer and is even more important in situations where the company has multiple locations or multiple suppliers of materials/services. Effective management depends firstly on the skills and knowledge of those planning inventory requirements, and secondly on the implementation of raw material and production inventory management solutions that support their work.

Companies that establish efficient supply chain management policies enjoy a significant competitive advantage over their competitors through the benefits of these solutions that support them in optimizing their inventory processes and meeting their business goals.

Gestiune simplificată

Simplified management

Integrated solutions provide streamlined management for raw material, production and finished goods inventory from incoming production (kanban area) to outgoing finished goods. This is made possible by accurate monitoring of all products for an informed view of inventory. This way the people in charge know absolutely all the information about stocks along the supply chain, retail value and total profit value for checks.

With automated tracking, real-time updates and reduced duplicate orders, inventory management solutions maximize productivity and provide a better experience for customers and teams.

Zero errors

With a simple scan any employee can get all the necessary information regarding the location of the stock, and the raw materials that are in, out or inbound. Unique barcodes or RFID tagging eliminate the human errors that inevitably occur when data is entered manually.

Inventory management solutions increase inventory visibility and provide better insight into the raw materials that are brought in and used in production processes: each product or batch of products is associated with a supplier name, purchase order and tracked serial number.

Zero erori
Linie productie notificari

Real-time notifications

Inventory management solutions provide information that supports real-time inventory optimization and automates purchase orders. This reduces costs and avoids losses due to spoilage of certain raw materials with automated replenishment notifications. Optimize order fulfilment by identifying process steps and times that require new raw materials.

Implementing these solutions provides better ROI through automated tracking and AI-based optimizations that send notifications when pods are approaching their expiration date. Notifications can be updated up to the minute for new stock acquisition. This way contractors enjoy visibility and valuable insights for profitable inventory management.

Up-to-date information

Your team always has accurate production and purchasing information visibly displayed on digital monitors installed both at the production line level and at the reception of raw materials and delivery of finished products.

This comprehensive, real-time, up-to-date view supports the efficiency of your teams and helps them to signal any potential disruptions due to raw material shortages or crowding of finished products at certain points – so-called bottlenecks – in a timely manner.

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