Data collection solutions:

You enjoy informed decisions and increased productivity.

The production area is an inexhaustible source of data. The challenge, however, lies in collecting and selecting data that supports smart choices to optimize workflow, avoid unplanned breakdowns and create an efficient and safe environment.

In an environment with multiple data sources (different software systems for different business areas, data collected in different formats from multiple sources), this process can be even more complex.

Real-time data

The solutions collect real-time data about the processes, monitoring each production line and ensuring maximum productivity

Increasing production

Data collection helps companies increase production capacity through industrial automation, while maintaining the same level of quality.

Avoids unexpected breakdowns

Collecting data regarding machine status and maintenance intervals, allows for an uninterrupted production process of preventable failures.

Optimal mix of equipment

From scanners to printers and from software applications to central displays and the best HMI equipment, collection data supports the creation of an optimized production environment for your business.

Begin the process of digitalization

Data collection solutions are the answer to future challenges

A supply chain that uses data from the past cannot create realistic plans for the future. The challenge for manufacturing companies today is to collect real-time data and turn it into starting points for optimisation and development strategies.

The concept is not new, and today the synchronization of shop floor data with advanced analytical software turns data into real-time key performance indicators for both equipment and machinery and workers.

The concept is not new, and today the synchronization of shop floor data with advanced analytical software turns data into real-time key performance indicators for both equipment and machinery but also for  workers.

Date in timp real

Real-time data

Real-time data collection is an automated process. This means a reduction in the time required to collect data and the probability of errors associated with manual data entry. Data is immediately available to both workers and administrative departments, providing increased visibility of production.

Monitoring production performance through time measurement is very important in ensuring that available resources are used to their full capacity. A drop in efficiency may signal that equipment needs maintenance or that a worker needs additional training. These figures can also be beneficial in monitoring the impact of implemented optimization processes.

Real-time data identifies bottlenecks and continuously monitors performance, giving managers all the information they need to reduce waste, lower costs and increase profit figures for production facilities.

Increasing production

Producers are constantly under pressure to increase profitability and efficiency. Those willing to take on this mission are faced with limited machine capacity, downtime caused by breakdowns and maintenance, production faults leading to unsaleable products, test stations leading to bottlenecks immediately following production speed.

Data collection solutions, however, allow an increase in production capacity without investment in new resources (both on the machine and worker side). All of the above challenges can be addressed by using data collected in daily processes.

This data gives you a complete view of production in key areas and enables accurate reporting and analysis with increased visibility – benefits that translate into increased efficiency, yield and profit.

Evita defectiunile neprevazute

Avoids unexpected breakdowns

When it comes to production machinery maintenance, the best approach is predictive rather than reactive: anticipating and preventing breakdowns, not fixing them when they stop the production process altogether.

Predictive maintenance processes use data collection and advanced analytical methods, that predict failures long before they stop production or interrupt the normal work rhythm. By implementing data collection solutions, manufacturing companies gain an enormous benefit: increased uptime of machines. Repairs can be carried out just before a breakdown occurs, and maintenance processes can be scheduled outside of working hours to reduce or eliminate interruptions in the production chain. It also supports the purchasing department, which can order spare parts before their existence or absence becomes an emergency.

Optimal mix of equipment

Barcode scanners are ever-present in any production setting, recording important data quickly and error-free. From the warehouse to the shop floor and back again, scanners are equipped with various functions and designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions (hands-free scanning, remote scanning and damaged barcode scanning).

Solutions for data collection in production consist of mobile scanning equipment, customized software applications and human machine interface screens. They create a solid foundation for real-time data collection in an easy and intuitive way, that does not interrupt workflow or production.

Mixul optim de echipamente

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