Automate the workforce with collaborative robots

cobots set your business in motion.

Collaborative robots are cost-effective, secure, and flexible to implement.

Collaborative robots make automation easier than ever

  • Collaborative robotic arms provide the precision and uniformity that are essential to the success of a project.
  • A robot will accurately and repeatedly track predefined processes and workflows with an imperceptible deviation, providing the optimal conditions for research or analysis.
  • Only superhuman abilities would allow you to repeat the same movements countless times for several hours with exactly the same accuracy.
  • Automating quality inspection allows you to improve the consistency of measurements and maintain high product quality.
  • The +/- 0.03 mm (30 microns) repeatability of the UR robotic arm is ideal for automating activities that require precision and speed in quality inspection and testing applications.

Industrial robots

Colaborative robots

Collaborative cobots

Roboti industriali


Roboti colaborativi

Collaborative cobots

Cobots bring flexible automation to manufacturers of all sizes.




Quality inspection

Handling of materials


Removal of materials

Supervision of machine tools

Begin the process of digitalization

Industries where cobots can be used


Electronics and technology


Metal processing


Plastics and polymers


Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry


Food and beverages

Areas of application for cobots

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Simplify the processes of material handling, packaging and palletizing, box lifting, labeling and assembly with the help of collaborative robots.

The advantages of using cobots

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