Complete solution for warehouse management:

automation, monitoring, centralization

74% of consumers say they are willing to choose another brand if the buying and delivery process is too complicated. Companies that want to have an efficient sales process need to ensure, first and foremost, that warehouse operations are modern, streamlined and error-free. This can be achieved by implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) solution.

The WMS solution automates the flow of supply/receiving, storage, picking and delivery of products, monitors and centralizes the daily operations in a warehouse, providing real-time information about stocks.

Automate the entire warehouse activity

The WMS solution centralises all stock and inward/outward information down to the smallest detail in a single platform.

Access all information in the Cloud

Gain full control of your warehouse activity. Access information stored in the cloud from any device, location, whenever you need it

-70% return rate

Eliminate human errors from order preparation and enjoy a return rate decrease of up to 70%.

+ 30% business efficiency

Process automation, real-time inventory and elimination of errors lead to up to 30% increase in turnover.

Begin the process of digitalization

Why implement a warehouse management solution - WMS?

An effective warehouse management application enables warehouse managers and decision makers to optimize all logistics processes and improve company efficiency and productivity.

Get full traceability of goods

The WMS solution centralizes all information about existing stock in one or more locations, allowing logistics managers to always have an overview of the actual stock situation and total control over all operations.

The operations available within the application create a framework for simpler and clearer management. The app uses a task system whereby operations involving the handling of goods are fully automated via mobile terminals.

Increase storage capacity through efficient use of space

The WMS allows you to manage spaces at a granular level: from rows, to racks, storage locations, pallets, picking locations, buffer locations, island locations and more. You can also set up multiple warehouses, management per warehouse, or storage areas, depending on the needs of each business.

In addition, the WMS application provides real-time information about the storage locations and quantities of goods in each and turns the warehouse space into a dynamic space that can be constantly optimized.

Improve employee productivity by up
to 60%

The WMS solution automatically assigns tasks to workers according to their responsibilities and priority of activities, which leads to better organization of work and eliminates downtime.


In addition to automating the assignment of work tasks, the system also transmits data about the correct execution of the activity, e.g. where to pick up the goods, which products to pick up, quantity, time, etc. This contributes to the correct evaluation of the team and provides managers with a useful tool for efficient coordination of the activity.

Access to real-time reports

The right business decisions are influenced by the accuracy of the information on which they are based. A WMS solution gives you access to reports with data generated in real time, so you can always have an overview of your warehouse’s most important KPIs.

From a single interface you can generate complex reports including information on existing stocks, sales levels, production capacity or raw materials used.

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