SOTI Complete solution for Mobile Device Management:

Transparency, flexibility, control.

One of the colleagues in the logistics team informs you that the mobile terminal needs an update. The printer you were using to label the packages has just been dropped on the floor and an error message appears on the screen.

These are just two of the inevitable scenarios you face in your day-to-day work. But have you ever wondered how much these outages cost you? According to a study conducted by VDC Research, each situation similar to the above requires an average of 83 minutes to be remedied. What does this time mean for your team’s productivity?

A mobile equipment management solution helps you prevent 95% of these events. By implementing it, you gain complete visibility and control over all the mobile equipment you use in the field: mobile terminals, scanners, tablets, industrial printers, etc.

Reduce equipment downtime

You receive early notifications about the status of your mobile devices so that you can schedule the necessary updates or repairs. When an error occurs, you can log in instantly to see exactly what the problem is or fix it.

Secure remote access

It allows employees and employees to connect to the company's centralized system from anywhere, without risking security breaches. That way, you know exactly where the equipment is and how it's being used.

Easy access restriction

Blocks or unlocks employees' access to mobile terminals connected to the mobility management solution at any time. Allows use of equipment only in delimited areas.

Simultaneous security and updating

The data is secured and updated simultaneously on all mobile terminals and made available to field teams.

Begin the process of digitalization

The complete solution for mobility management

The mobility management solution offers an advanced logistics management system, integrating software applications and mobile equipment that increase efficiency and productivity and offers an easily accessible centralized system.

Thus, the mobility management solution offers organizations the following opportunities:

  • prevents situations that block the activity
  • makes decisions based on real-time information, and
  • reduces total administration costs.

Reduce equipment downtime

The downtime of mobile devices is costly and translates into dissatisfied customers and frustrated employees. You can’t see your team remotely, but you have to understand what’s going on with their devices. But how do you do that if you don’t have the physical equipment?

A mobility management solution gives you the ability to diagnose and perform any remote updates or repairs. Reduce costs and save significant time, with full visibility and control over all mobile devices.

Secure remote access

Regardless of their location (office, warehouse, or on the field) your team enjoys quick and secure access to the data needed to perform daily tasks.

The mobility management solution is based on a secure data storage framework: users have access to all the necessary information based on a username and password that provide traceability and transparency in the operations performed.

In addition, in order not to risk security breaches, administrators may restrict access to certain applications or may grant differentiated permissions, depending on the duties and requirements of each team member.

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Easy access restriction

The logistics field needs fast solutions to ensure data security, sometimes even for collaborators and their own teams. A secure supply chain sometimes involves restrictions for certain users in order to ensure the integrity of the partnership and data exchange.

The mobility management solution allows easy and at all times restricting access for certain employees and suppliers to mobile terminals connected to the central system – access can be regained just as easily, ensuring the involvement of authorized persons and protection of company data.

Simultaneous security and updating

Software updates can be done in two ways: either all mobile terminals are collected and sent to headquarters, or a specialized team travels to the field and coordinates this process.

But by implementing a mobility management solution, you have a third option available: updates are done remotely, simultaneously on all devices, reducing the time required by up to 60%.

And you don’t just save time. With this solution, you make sure that you can quickly fix security vulnerabilities that could jeopardize your company’s data.

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