Restaurant and home delivery management solutions:

satisfied customers every time.

The expectations of any restaurant or delivery service customer: the products ordered to be delivered quickly and without errors every time.

In one of the most competitive industries, failing to meet these expectations makes the difference between a growing business based on loyal and satisfied customers and one that disappears from the market, knocked down by delays, wrong orders, or products that don’t even reach their destination.

Instant order-preparation-delivery connection

With a fully integrated restaurant management system, mistakes no longer occur. Orders are recorded on tablets / mobile devices, are automatically sent to the kitchen, and the ingredients needed to prepare each dish are instantly removed from stock.

Reliable labeling and receipt printers

For restaurants with delivery at the time the order is placed via POS, the information automatically goes to the terminal in the kitchen to prepare the dish, to the thermal printer to generate the label for the casserole and to the fiscal printer to generate the bill.

Efficient recipe management

From updating the quantity of ingredients used, to storage and updates when an ingredient is nearing its limit or expiry, HoReCa management solutions help you avoid food waste, running out of certain ingredients and using non-compliant ingredients.

Mobile payment solutions

Home deliveries and orders delivered to outdoor restaurant spaces require mobile devices connected to the locations' digital central system. By implementing restaurant management solutions, you'll have perfect visibility when an order is delivered and paid for.

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Impeccable delivery to the table and home. Every time.

An industry with a 60% failure rate in the first year involves businesses that must take advantage of every opportunity not to be part of this statistic: impeccable quality of products and services, zero errors in order delivery, customer loyalty options, and solutions that eliminate the financial waste caused by incorrect ingredient orders or wrong deliveries.

Integrated restaurant and delivery management solutions are one of these opportunities: a centralized on-site ordering system, both on-site and by phone or mobile applications, reliable equipment for printing labels in record time even in rush hour conditions, functions for monitoring orders from customer to waiter in the kitchen and back, mobile order recording and payment devices.

Instant order-preparation-delivery

No misspelled or wrongfully noted orders: with the help of tablets and mobile recording devices, your team of waiters always takes the order correctly and sends it instantly to both the POS and the kitchen team, enjoying full visibility of active controls using touchscreen displays.

The equipment is easy to integrate and intuitive to use – the training period can last only a few minutes, and each team member’s access is based on a card. This fast integration allows teams to focus on interacting with customers and maintaining the quality of dishes coming out of the kitchen.

Reliable labeling and receipt printers

When placing an order, it is instantly sent to both the fiscal printer (for generating the receipt) and the thermal printer in the kitchen (if labels are needed for the delivery recipients).

This eliminates the time for a waiter or operator to enter the order at the fixed cash register and enter incorrect data/products that involve an unpleasant conversation when paying the bill. The streamlined process ensures products are delivered correctly to the table or to the destination, as well as payment notes in accordance with the customers’ choices.

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Efficient recipe management

From complex dishes to basic products, the management software is 100% customized according to the location’s recipe book and thus completely adapts to the needs and pace of the restaurant or delivery service.

When placing an order, it automatically decreases the quantities associated with the preparation of that dish and provides a real-time perspective of the available ingredients and those that are running low by signaling when replenishment is needed.

Depending on the requirements of the local teams, the management solutions can generate complex reports based on live information: the most popular dishes, the peak hours when the bestsellers purchase takes place, and where the most profitable sales take place (terrace, interior, delivery), etc.

Mobile payment solutions

An environment as dynamic as HoReCa involves continuous movement, quick reactions, and the shortest waiting times for customers – they can’t wait until the staff arrives at the cash register, generates the voucher, and makes their way back to the table, or as long as the delivery personnel searches for the change required for a cash payment.  

HoReCa Management Solutions consolidate a centralized framework that instantly receives information from all mobile devices for receiving payments regardless of how far from the cash register they are: at the table for customer approval or at the delivery address miles away.

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