Points of Sales POS for pharmacies:

Efficiency and reduced waiting time.

Pharmacies are one of the most competitive and complex types of retail.

In addition to over-the-counter (OTC) products, a pharmacy must also adhere to a strict regulatory framework for prescription drugs, calculate prices based on the type of compensated prescription, ensure that drug doses adhere to the prescription treatment, provide instant access to transaction history in case of control, and create a pleasant and personalized experience for patients, beyond the purely transactional nature.

Thus, the main challenge for pharmacy owners is to balance the correct and efficient management of products and medicines with business objectives and the desire of patients to enjoy personalized interactions and recommendations relevant to their health.

Less human errors

Eliminates the possibility of mistakes with a fully digitalized system: from incorrectly collected prescriptions to misregistration of substances on special lists or at incorrect prices.

Scan electronic prescriptions faster

Avoid long queues and an unpleasant atmosphere inside the pharmacy, with the help of an improved recipe scanning processes: fast, efficient, error-free.

Instant shelf identification

Hundreds or even thousands of products involve a proper mapping of their location to give your team quick access to what they need to take from the warehouse and provide to the customer.

Integration of eHealth applications

Automatic access to patient data using eHealth applications for a shorter waiting time and anticipation of their needs.

Begin the process of digitalization

POS for more profitable and client oriented

As life expectancy increases and there is a reorientation towards a healthier lifestyle, pharmacies need to keep up with the growing demand for prescription drugs, but also with an increasing number of customers looking for OTC products.

Thus, the transformation of POS into fully digitalized systems becomes a priority for pharmacy owners who want to reduce both human errors and waiting time at checkout or at the shelf, when clients need a recommendation.

Any delay in reading the prescriptions or finding the right product on the shelf/in the warehouse and any incorrectly recorded price lead to longer and longer queues, dissatisfied customers and patients, and the possibility of abandoning the pharmacy in favor of competition.

The integration of the most advanced POS system allows them to maintain their competitive advantage, and local pharmacists to focus on providing high-quality services for patients and customers.

Less human errors

As more and more people turn to medical treatment for various diseases, pharmacies need to prepare for more and more patients. This increasing number can also lead to an increase in the number of human errors.

Outdated systems are the main cause of mistakes: manual entry of prescriptions, incorrect labeling, incorrect dosing, and different prices from shelf to checkout – all make it difficult for pharmacists to work and create an unpleasant atmosphere for patients.

POS for pharmacies offer the opportunity to improve the efficiency and accuracy of sales processes with the help of carefully implemented tracking systems: from high-risk substances to prescription drugs and even to OTC products.

Scan electronic prescriptions faster

In a pharmacy, efficiency has to be everything: even a few seconds saved when scanning a prescription can improve the quality of services offered by reducing waiting time and reorienting the focus to personalized interactions with patients.

Thus, pharmaceutical vendors are turning to mobile devices to increase the speed of scanning prescriptions and barcodes and to improve the speed and cost-effectiveness of daily repetitive processes.

The versatility of digital POS allows their implementation in both small and large pharmacies, which can be easily adapted, depending on the growth rate of the pharmacy.

Instant shelf identification

The pharmacy team needs an impeccable organization system when it comes to the correct location of products in the warehouse and on the shelf – especially if we are talking about different doses of the active substances.

Long periods of checking the physical availability of a treatment or product involve wasted time and potential loss of a client, causing frustration for both pharmacists and patients waiting to receive treatment or products.

With the help of digital POS for pharmacies, the location of each product in the inventory is correctly cataloged and immediately available. Thus, the waiting time from the delivery of the prescription to the completion of the transaction is considerably reduced and the patient enjoys improved services (the secret of loyalty).

Integration of eHealth applications

eHealth applications are playing an increasingly important role in the context of healthcare. Using new ways to connect patients with healthcare providers, they are an excellent source of streamlining consultations and treatment processes by automatically collecting relevant data using digital POS.

Integration with this type of application is very useful, especially for patients suffering from chronic diseases. Recurring visits to the pharmacy for treatment can be simplified and streamlined, allowing pharmacists to instantly access relevant medical data, providing a more enjoyable experience with each interaction.

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