E-commerce fulfillment solutions:

E-commerce fulfillment solutions:

Process more orders at lower costs


Your customers expect their order to be delivered within a maximum of one to two days after placing their order, especially as more and more merchants can deliver orders in just a few hours. Thus, speed of delivery is the main criterion that you must meet if you want to be considered by those who shop online. But is this the only important criterion? How does the cost of delivery compare to the top priorities of customers and how can retailers always be one step ahead of their ever-evolving preferences?

Integrated management for the entire logistics process

It integrates the entire logistics process - from receipt, storage, package delivery and return management - into a single platform with quick access to information.

Total visibility

Eliminates errors in the picking process and guarantees the correct and fast shipment of orders for each customer.

Optimization of costs and processing times

Cut costs and processing time and ensure increased profitability for your online store.

Less bureaucracy

Outsourcing e-commerce fulfillment frees companies from the need to obtain various authorizations and operating documents.

Begin the process of digitalization

E-commerce fulfillment solutions: the right order every time.

As online commerce has become the main purchasing method for most customers, two defining features have become the main points of interest for retailers: convenience and transportation. The ability to shop online and receive products in a short time influences online customers, leads to increased sales and loyal customers. That’s why it’s important for a business to differentiate itself from the competitive market, or at least to keep abreast of customer needs.

Gestiune integrata

Integrated management for the entire logistics process

E-commerce fulfillment solutions allow integrated management of all processes from receipt, storage, picking, delivery, and returns through easy integrations with the online store’s existing infrastructure. Implementing these solutions provides real-time access to up-to-date information about all the key points of the fulfillment chain – stocks, warehousing, and order status.

Thus, retailers, having constant access to updated information, can provide timely and prompt responses to customers and can monitor all orders in one place.

Once the shopping cart is integrated with e-commerce fulfillment solutions, the whole management process is automated, making it easier to determine the current situation at any time.

Total visibility

A real-time inventory perspective isn’t just relevant to customers and partners – it’s an important foundation for your team. E-commerce fulfillment solutions are based on real-time information that allows sales to be streamlined across multiple purchasing channels, providing customers with accurate product availability information.

Real-time data helps maintain a more balanced level of products and supports the creation of automated replenishment strategies. Also, e-commerce fulfillment solutions allow you to optimize the organization of the warehouse, reduce costs, and can even provide additional functionality to reduce delivery costs.

Vizibilitate totala ecommerce
Optimizare costuri și timpi de procesare

Optimization of costs and processing times

Manual order processing is subject to human error due to fatigue or the desire to speed things up. Thus repetitive tasks such as checking the order or creating a delivery label seem trivial but their accuracy can determine the success of a business. Even a single mistake can disrupt the whole process and lead to a dissatisfied customer who does not receive the desired order.

Automation through e-commerce fulfillment solutions removes human errors from the equation and thus becomes crucial in the development of a business.

E-commerce fulfillment solutions also reduce costs: months defined by lower activity involve zero costs for the rent and wages of people who do not have enough work.

Less bureaucracy

By outsourcing the elements of e-commerce fulfillment, retail companies are freed from the need to obtain various legal documents: operating license for the workplace, ISU authorization, declaration of the workplace at ANAF, labor protection for all employees, DSP authorization, DSV authorization, physical risk assessment.

Also, an advantage included in the package price for e-commerce fulfillment solutions – the stored goods are insured.

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