Printing is an important part of our activity and we offer complete printing solutions. Starting with choosing graphics and content for labels to the actual deployment, we will help build and develop your project offering support and dedication.


We implemented carefully thought out professional solutions to meet the clients’ increasingly complex objectives. Our experience enables us to offer solutions such as:

  • Printing on self-adhesive labels and textiles
  • Thermal printing of vouchers, receipts and invoices
  • Printing on pvc cards and carton tags
  • Printing on identification bracelets
  • Printing and encoding RFID tags

Printing on self-adhesive labels is our main print service. Probably the best known labels, they can be found on all products to be sold, usually containing barcodes, translations, prices, composition, or contact details. Depending on use, the labels have different types of adhesives: permanent, removable, deep-freeze or anti-stain. The print is monochrome with black, red, green, blue, silver or gold. Our clients can choose labels featuring various shapes (rectangular, round, oval), in different monochrome colours (yellow, red, green, orange) and diverse materials – matte, semi-glossy, glossy, white or transparent plastic (polyethylene/polypropylene).

Textile labels contain informations about composition, brand, instructions for use and care. The printing is monochrome, black or red, on materials such as nylon, polyamide or saten. This type of labels are sewn or stapled and can be washed, ironed and dry cleaned.

The solutions we offer are complex. You choose what to print: labels, cards, wristbands, their type, size and color, send us the content and how to format it. Then, together we select the best equipment for the job, be it mobile, desktop or industrial. Once the printing is done we can help you with advices about the optimum way to use them, the best labeller, embosser, applicator, dispenser, unwinder or rewinder. Through our printing service we can fulfill different requirements, from traditional printing to self-adhesive labels and textiles, to thermal printing of tags, vouchers, receipts and invoices, to PVC card printing, identification wristbands and RFID tag encoding.