About us

About us

IT Genetics represents the permanent choice for companies that target performance. Launched in 2007, IT Genetics is now the leader in providing and integrating specialized IT solutions for businesses in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria.

From the beginning our main mission was to make technology accessible to everyone. Therefore, it is highly important for us to correctly evaluate the client’s challenges in order to offer the right software and hardware according to the company’s needs, so that the client can obtain higher results with lower efforts.

We have over 13 years expertise in providing integrated solutions (hardware and software) for retail, distribution and logistics, transportation, hospitality, healthcare and pharma, education, banking and other market segments form Romania as well as internationally. With focus on process automation and optimization, our solutions are customized according to each company needs and specifics and bring instant benefits and value to the client.

The high partnership levels provided to our company by the major international producers on DC-POS market (Zebra, Brother, Honeywell, Datalogic, Elo, Star Micronics, SATO and others) grant us permanent access to most modern and innovative solutions that would enable your business to perform at its highest level possible.

Our values

As any open minded organization, we have certain values we believe in, that represent us and guide us in our daily activity.

We want success. We are well aware we can only obtain it through boldness and optimism. We muster our strength to fulfill ourselves and we have the power to achieve what we want.

Integrity, ethics, morality and trust characterize us. Because we always respect our promises.

We always try to come up with something new for the market segment where we operate. In our online store, you will always find products exclusively or for the first time in Romania.

We are determined and involved in what we do. We work with dedication and responsibility knowing that this is the only way to our goal.

Our exigencies are high and we have the ambition to be among the best.
We know our value and thus we want to be recognized for it.
We are realistic and we know that success must be measured at each step we take towards it.

We treat things with dedication, sincerity, involvement, carefulness. We do what we promise, we are constant in resolving our customers requests.


2011 - 350.000 €
2012 - 650.000 €
2013 - 1.300.000 €
2014 - 1.800.000 €
2015 - 2.500.000 €
2016 - 3.500.000 €
2017 - 4.700.000 €
2018 - 5.600.000 €
2019 - 6.800.000 €


The solutions in our portfolio are built through solid partnerships with companies such as Star Micronics, Zebra, Brother, Honeywell, Datalogic, or Citizen.

Datacard Authorised Partner Plus